Beatrix Galanodel
Class Cleric
Current Level 4
Race Half-Elf
Background Hermit
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 92
Height 5'6"
Weight 114lbs
Eyes Green
Skin Fair
Hair Red



Beatrix Galanodel is Cleric in The Center Does Not Hold campaign. She is currently level 4 and primarily fills the healer role in the campaign. Her alignment is to Neutral Good specifically to the deity Olladra, the Goddess of Good Fortune. From her back story:
"My mother (the youngest daughter of a lesser Illuskan noble) and father (a well respected Moon Elf) were surprised when I was chosen at young age to serve the goddess of good fortune Olladra. I've always found it ironic considering my rotten luck. My elven half siblings from my father's first marriage always treated me horribly; my mother, the only person in my life who cared about me, dissapeared; my father ignored me for the most part; and my community saw me as a lesser being. They only kept me around because I seem to bring good fortune to those around me. Once I was old enough, I left to try and find my mother. I've been wandering the world seeking out leads to her whereabouts. I never seem to fit in where ever I go. Also, I'm afraid to stay around people too long becuase they might realize I'm the source of their increased good fortune and try to enslave or imprison me. I've run out of leads in my search for my mother so I'm joining the Protectors to expand my resources."
Due to her background as a hermit, Beatrix is generally cynical and doesn't like to get involved, but has compassion for those she feels are genuinely suffering or being used. 


  • Proficient in Medicine (and carries an Herbalism kit)
  • Speaks Common, Elvish, Dwarven, and Sylvan
  • Carries a rabbit's foot
  • Possibly responsible for one missing child